Products Pallbotik


Pallbotik is a palletizing machine with a collaborative robot from Universal Robots, made of 100% stainless steel. This allows us to adapt to the requirements of the food and clean room industries. It is easy to configure, quick to install, collaborative, safe and flexible, as it allows the equipment to be moved between different lines, with a quick anchorage system.


The software we have developed allows different mosaic configurations and box formats without any training in robot programming. Pallbotik has the capacity to palletise on double pallets, up to 8.5 cycles/minute* and with a maximum weight of 8.5 kg/box**. Companies are concerned about the lack of space in their facilities to install automated lines. Pallbotik will only occupy 4 m2 in its facilities and without any kind of safety fencing. To start up, you will only have to enter the measurements and weight of the box, type of pallet, number of layers and pallet mosaic, and in less than 4 hours our pallbotik will be performing your palletizing according to your instructions. Our machine allows to free the operators from heavy work due to the lifting of loads, avoiding injuries and improving the climate at work. It allows the company to increase its production at the end of the line by having the possibility to be working 24 hours a day. For our pallbotik we use a Universal Robot robot. The robot can work with people and between people and does not require fences. Our machine is certified by the European machine directive 2006/42/ES, obtaining its CE mark and complying with the ISO/TS15066 standard.